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Felicia @ACCFeliciaLots of aawwwws from @AnneCarlsenCntr Devils Lake Early Intervention. The donor ads are SUPER! #WeChooseAnneCarlsen
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Patrick Kirby @patrick_m_kirby@AnneCarlsenCntr Marketing Team meeting to plan our Ad Campaign rollout tomorrow! #wechooseannecarlsen
Felicia @ACCFeliciaThank you Don Engels, Director of Donor Relations' at Shriner's Children's Hospital for visiting the @AnneCarlsenCntr yesterday.

Why Do You Choose Anne Carlsen?

How Can We Serve You?

For over 70 years, we’ve been providing compassionate care for individuals with special needs throughout North Dakota.

Our individualized services include care for individuals — and families — of all ages with cerebral palsy; orthopedic, vision and hearing disabilities; autism, pervasive, and other behavior disorders; and other medical acuities.

Dr. Anne Carlsen

“This is most important for everyone to know: We must educate people to see the similarities, not the differences – and to see the person, not the disability.”

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