Individuals and businesses which share their love and support with the Anne Carlsen Center belong to our Circle of Friends. Their gifts are what create the life-changing mission and vision of the Center.

Since its founding in 1941, ACC has had a symbolic connection to butterflies. This beautiful creature represents hope, transformation and progress. It symbolizes the many positive changes we see in the individuals of all ages we provide care for.

Different butterflies represent the various giving levels that make up our Circle of Friends.

Thank you donors—the support you have shown, and continue to show, encourage individuals with disabilities to grow, learn, and reach new heights of independence.

Annual Friends

Small Copper: Make an annual commitment of $150-$249. Your gift will provide seeds for students to plant in our solarium. In the fall, students will harvest these bountiful vegetables and learn to make salsa!

Gatekeeper: Make an annual commitment of $250-$499. Your gift will provide a computer program to help children with learning disabilities read books by themselves. It will purchase a movies ticket for every child here so they can all enjoy an evening out!

Emperor: Pledge to give an annual gift of $500-$999. Help us provide a child the controls he or she needs to turn on the lights or radio independently. A touch-screen computer monitor will help someone use the computer with a light touch-of-hand.

Monarch: An annual commitment of $1,000 or more. Your gift can help us purchase special bicycles that give children who can’t peddle the opportunity to ride.

Lifetime Friends

This group of individuals have made significant lifetime gifts to support Anne Carlsen Center. They are recognized on our Tree of Life with leaves, apples, stones and clouds bearing the names of those who have given. Consider a major gift of $5,000 or more and join others who are watering our Tree of Life. The levels are named after butterflies with unique and beautiful features.

Holly Blue: $5,000

Peacock: $100,000

Crimson Patch: $250,000

Red Admiral: $500,000 +

Legacy Friends

Consider becoming one of our Legacy Friends by committing a planned gift to the Center. Members of this group make provision for the Center in their wills or estate plans. Some make the Center a life insurance beneficiary, establish a charitable annuity or a trust.