Mind Shift


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We help businesses employ the strengths of people on the autism spectrum.

Mind Shift’s Specialists exhibit exacting levels of precision, accuracy and ability to concentrate on repetitive tasks. Exceptional personal attributes like reliability, honesty, loyalty and intellectual integrity can be part of your business by contacting us and learning more.

How it Works

Mind Shift works with you to identify tasks and positions that require detail, focus and accuracy, but can be difficult for current staff to complete.

Mind Shift then tailors its recruitment, assessment and training to find and prepare individuals for that work.

Mind Shift recruits people on the autism spectrum for your company’s specific needs.

Working with your training and supervisory staff, Mind Shift then takes 4-8 weeks to assess and train candidates. (You don’t pay for this service!)

At the end of the assessment and training period, Mind Shift’s specialists start work on the tasks or positions to help your business grow.

As the employer-of-record, Mind Shift works with your supervisors and managers, and the Specialist to ensure success.