DSP of the Year Award Winners

Three direct support professionals were honored at the North Dakota Association of Community Providers conference at the Delta in Fargo on Thursday June 17th as DSPs of the Year. Chris Jones, Executive Director of the Department of Human Services, and Kirsten Dvorak, CEO of The Arc of North Dakota, presented each award to Anne Carlsen winners Leo Brunelli, Ashley Guthmiller and Danielle Herrold.

Supervisors and managers at Anne Carlsen nominate an individual that “goes above and beyond” in their job. The categories for which information is submitted includes Activities of Accomplishment, Description of a relationship or relationships between the DSP and the individual(s) he/she supports, Examples of individual or group advocacy, Description of Sacrifices, Examples of Creativity of Supports provided, and Examples of how the nominated DSP exemplifies the NADSP Code of Ethics.

Leo Brunelli, DSP in Jamestown says, “I feel truly blessed to have won. It was surreal being on that podium receiving the award and getting a huge hug from Chris Jones, the Director of DHS. However, it is truly humbling to know that even though I may have won, there are so many people I work with who are much more deserving of the award. To my fellow coworkers, I believe we are all DSPs of the Year.”

“I want to thank the people who nominated me for this award. My 8 years at the center have truly been incredible,” says Ashley Guthmiller, DSP of Jamestown. “I have learned so much and continue to learn new things every day. It is such an honor to watch our individuals learn new skills and become more independent. am forever grateful for Anne Carlsen, I’ll never forget this!

Danielle Herrold, DSP in Fargo stated, “I’m very grateful to have won the DSP of the Year award. It is so nice to be recognized! Working for Anne Carlsen has been great and I’m so lucky to be able to make differences in people’s lives with this company!”

In addition to those that won the DSP of the Year, Taylor Olson, DSP in Jamestown and Amy Riskedahl, DSP in Bismarck, were also nominated and received honorable mention.

Olson shared, “When someone asks me what I do for a living, I get super excited and proud to let them know that I work at Anne Carlsen. There isn’t too much that compares to the fulfilment I get from working with our clients. I am very honored to be mentioned for this award.”

We at Anne Carlsen are so thankful for the work that our DSPs do and are ecstatic to have these three winners and additional nominees on our team! The work DSPs do truly changes lives of individuals with disabilities by fostering their independence!



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