Early Intervention

Frequently Asked Questions
Anne Carlsen Early Intervention is a non-profit program serving children 0-3 years of age who have developmental delays in the areas of language, cognition, physical, social, or self-help skills or whose development is related to a high-risk medical diagnosis. Our goal is to enhance the capacity of caregivers to support and promote the child’s development, learning, and participation in family and community life. Services are typically provided in the child’s home or during typical family routines (mealtime, playground, grocery shopping).
All costs of the Early Intervention Program are covered by federal and state taxes through the federal Medical Assistance program. North Dakota has a “waiver” that allows children who are eligible for Developmental Disabilities programming and Early Intervention to qualify for Medical Assistance regardless of income or assets. Families do have the option of paying for Early Intervention Services with their own funds.
If you have concerns about your child’s development, you can call the Early Intervention programs to talk about your child and possibly schedule an evaluation or a screening. You may want to schedule an appointment with your child’s physician as well. Anyone can refer so don’t hesitate if you have questions or concerns. The Fargo Early Intervention program has monthly developmental screening, the first Friday of every month. Please call 701-551-1746 to schedule.
Home visits are held during the family’s routines. These are times and activities such as (waking up, eating, playing at home, and going places). You and your Early Interventionist will talk about your family routines, and decide how much your child participates, how much can he/she do himself/ and how he communicates- this will lead to programming that is meaningful to you and that supports your child’s development.
Anne Carlsen has 4 Early Intervention programs;

  1. Devils Lake (Ramsey, Benson, Towner, Rolette, Cavalier, and Eddy) Director; Nancy Brustad, Phone: 701-662-6324
  2. Fargo (Traill, Steel, Cass, Richland, Sargent) Director ;Stefanie Kaiser, Phone: 701-364-2663, or 877-873-4507
  3. Grand Forks (Grand Forks, Nelson, Walsh, Pembina) Director; Ramona Gunderson, Phone:701-775-8934 or 888-815-3770
  4. Jamestown (Stutsman, Wells, Foster, Griggs, Barnes, Lamoure, Dickey, Logan, McIntosh) Director; Gail Loftsgard, Phone: 701-952-3500