In-Home Services

Frequently Asked Questions

In-Home supports

In-Home supports are respite care services for families who have a child with a disability living in their home. These services are for any age as long as they live at home with their family. We provide respite care so the family members can work, run errands, go shopping, attend appointments, etc. all with the assurance that their child is taken care of by a trained professional while they are away.
No, In-Home Supports can be provided to individuals of any age as long as they live at home with a parent(s) or guardian.
Yes, In-Home Supports can be provided in the home or in the community depending on the needs of the individual and family.
Day Supports are for individuals 21 years and older who are finished with their high school services.
We provide Community Based Day Supports so individuals are actively participating in volunteer work, recreation, leisure and daily living skills activities throughout the community each day.

Schedules are individualized to meet the needs and desires of the individual or pair/small group of individuals.

Yes, if the school and your team feel this is an appropriate service and the school agrees to enter into a contract with us and be responsible for payment of Anne Carlsen services.
Eligibility is determined through the local human service centers.
We do not provide group home services as part of our Community Based Services. We do have Individualized Supported Living Services (ISLA) in Fargo. ISLA provides support to an individual(s) 21 years of age or older who are living in their own apartment.

Case Aide

Case Aide service is a service provided to clients of the ECTU who have Case Management services through a private provider who has completed the mental health technician certification program through the Department of Human Service Center. This service is to help SMI client maintain being independent in the community and in their apartment. The providers are to teach, demonstrate, assist, and guide clients in various task such as ADL’s, house hold tasks, social skills, grocery shopping, maintaining appointments, and will include any other task the Case Manager identifies in the individual service plan.
Yes, actually, there are 2 offices in Bismarck. Our office provides Case Aide Services, Day Supports Services, In-Home Support Services, and Employment Services.
Yes, Day program services are those for adults with intellectual disabilities ages 21 on up. We are a community based day program and we focus on rec/leisure as well as volunteer and pre-vocational opportunities all in your community, not in a sheltered workshop setting. Anne Carlsen Day Services provides door to door transportation for our clients in our day program.
Each client creates their own unique schedule throughout their day which has meaningful activities to fill their day with their staff member.

Also, our Employment Program can work with anyone 16 years of age and older. This program assists individuals in finding and maintain employment in the community.

Meet with your DD Program Manager and they can refer you for services such as In-Home, Day Supports, ISLA, etc. Meet with your MI Case Manager and they can refer you for Case Aide Services.

Meet with a Voc Rehab Counselor and they can refer you for Employment Services.

Once a referral has been made for services you can sit down with a provider to see if they can meet your needs. Usually a discussion is had describing what you are looking for and what services they can provide to you or your family member.