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Anne Carlsen Mental Health Therapy opened its doors in Moorhead, Minnesota in 2018, serving children, teens, adults, couples, and families throughout the region. Anne Carlsen is an inclusive organization that is LGBTQI+ and culturally affirming. Our therapists deliver unique, fun, and adaptive programming. The team grounds itself in a collaborative approach that strives to help children and families succeed. Anne Carlsen Mental Health Therapists welcome anyone struggling with challenges related to stress, trauma, and other mental health issues. Therapists also specialize in diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

On any given day at our Moorhead office, you may notice children proudly displaying incredible Lego projects, science experiments in progress, the construction of a new pillow den, or a fort building in a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Anne Carlsen Mental Health Therapy also collaborates with our multiple lines of service including Speech, Occupational, and Behavior Analysis therapies, as well as Early Intervention services for children ages 0-3.


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Expert Care

As part of our Anne Carlsen standard of care, we continually strive to advance our ability to meet the complex and unique needs of those we serve. The following specialty areas are vital components of our approach to Mental Health services.

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Therapeutic Approaches

Anne Carlsen mental health therapists are dedicated to serving children and adults with mental health needs through individual, family, or group therapy sessions, including those who are neurodevelopmentally diverse. Staff are trained to work with a variety of mental health diagnoses using strength based and solution focused approaches. Therapy services often include collaboration with community partners, participation on multidisciplinary teams and advocacy.

Supervision for interns and professionals working toward licensure is also available.

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School Services

Anne Carlsen believes in supporting individuals to be successful in all environments. Mental Health therapists are available to provide aid through school-based contracts. Services are designed to help educators and administrators tailor supports for students struggling with stress, trauma and behavioral challenges. In addition to working with individuals, our team is available to provide customized training for classroom staff and administrators.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostics

Our team of experienced therapists are specially trained to perform Autism Spectrum testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Appointments are typically available within a couple of weeks of receiving a referral.


Bilingual Service Offerings

There are staff at the Mental Health Clinic who are fluent in Spanish and interpreter services for other languages are available upon request. Please discuss any language assistance you may need at the time you make the appointment so arrangements can be made prior to your visit.

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Please call Anne Carlsen Mental Health Therapy in Moorhead, MN to schedule an appointment. We will gather some initial information from you, schedule your first appointment, and tell you about the next steps.

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Meet Our Team

Jacquelyn M. Walsh

Vice President - East Region

Fargo and Grand Forks


Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification in Women and Children’s Services


Clinical Executive Services, Consulting, Business Planning, Regulatory Management, and Legal Nurse Consulting

Sarah Fuchs

Operations Manager

Fargo and Grand Forks

Integrated Services

Through collaboration and our continuum of services, we utilize a team approach in order to provide individualized and person-centered services. For individuals receiving Mental Health services, the following departments and services are vital components of this continuum.

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Speech Therapy

Our professionals are educated and trained to evaluate and treat children with speech, language and swallowing problems. The speech therapy team will focus on developmental areas including talking, understanding, social interactions and engagement as well as address feeding and swallowing problems.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy treats the whole person. As occupational therapists, we look at the individual’s participation while engaging in daily routines, such as play, activities of daily living, education, leisure, and social interactions.

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Behavioral Health

The Mental Health Therapists refer to or consult with Board Certified Behavioral Analysts in Behavioral Health when a behavioral plan or functional behavioral assessment is needed. This may also occur when the Mental Health and Behavioral Health teams collaborate on a school consult.

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Assistive Technology

Anne Carlsen has a variety of low-tech to high-tech options of assistive technology to support all individuals. An assessment to determine abilities and limitations happens over time and assistive technology is used to promote independence and engagement.

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Mental Health Frequently Asked Questions

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Please call Anne Carlsen Mental Health Therapy in Moorhead, MN to schedule an appointment. We will gather some initial information from you, schedule your first appointment, and tell you about the next steps.

(218) 443-2837