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The Anne Carlsen Center education program offers endless possibilities for students to succeed in school and in all areas of life. The school program is approved and accredited through the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction as a K-12 school, and is accredited by the North Central Association on Accreditation and School Improvement.

More than just a School

The educational services provided by the Anne Carlsen Center make it one of the most unique facilities in the nation.

Students learn daily living skills, communication strategies, social and leisure skills, and fine and gross motor skills, while being taught the core content areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Adaptive Physical Education. Some students attend area schools for part of their educational experience. Each classroom is staffed with a Special Education teacher, a General Education teacher, and Direct Support Professionals. Students attend class during a traditional 9-month school year and, if qualified, a 10 week extended summer school program. The Center acknowledges and embraces that each student learns differently, and that each student exhibits his/her own strengths and limitations. Opportunities are provided that allow them to build upon their strengths and to compensate in areas where they may be struggling. Education staff believe that everyone can learn to their maximum abilities when provided with the appropriate tools and environment.
There is growing evidence that family and community connections with schools make a positive difference in student success. We encourage family members to be active participants in their child’s achievements. When local community members become involved in schools, they can act as role models and mentors, and provide an additional layer of support and inspiration for students and teachers. We offer a strong vocational training program when students turn 16 years of age that matches a student’s interests and strengths with the needs of a community organization/business to provide vocational skills building and enhancement through “on the job” training.
We are deeply committed to providing our students access to cutting-edge technologies in all areas of their life. Our mission is to provide students and young adults with the appropriate tools to prepare them for success in both school and work. As a recipient of the “Apple Distinguished School” award each year since 2012, we believe today’s technologies can truly empower students of all abilities to be successful in the 21st Century.

Visionary Education

Apple recognizes outstanding schools and programs worldwide for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. The Anne Carlsen Center has once again been honored with this prestigious distinction for the 2015-2017 school years.

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“I wanted to thank teachers, staff and my family for teaching me that I am stronger than I ever thought possible.”

– Cyndyl IronBull

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