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Do you go to workshops but come home and don’t have time to implement your new ideas?

Do you need some fresh ideas to help students in your classroom?
Are you a parent who would like to incorporate your child’s visual supports at home?
Do you need to build your inventory of sensory materials but you have a limited (or no) budget?

Then this make and take workshop is for you!

Participants will be provided with the materials and time to create as many tools as they can in our two day training. While several examples and ideas will be provided, each participant will decide what they want to create to meet their own needs. In essence, teachers can earn an academic credit for “prep” time!

In addition, a team that consists of a occupational therapist, a special education strategist, a transition specialist and a speech language pathologist will not only share ideas but be available to brainstorm and problem solve with participants. Each participant will leave the training with COMPLETED projects that can be implemented right away.



Increase performance and success in the following areas:

  • The learner will gain a better understanding of visual supports, their uses in multiple environments, and the varied components that are required for proper development and implementation.
  • The learner will gain a better understanding of tools that can be used to increase student’s understanding in the areas of reading and math.
  • The learner will gain a better understanding of the complex process that is involved with writing. The motor aspects and composition of writing with a variety of tools to support will be explored in these areas.
  • The learner will explore the various ways to support individuals in having meaningful experiences in recreation and leisure. Various ways to adapt activities to increase involvement in everyday life will be outlined.
  • The learner will generate and create a minimum of 10 tools to support their student/child’s learning needs.

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