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We provide hospital-level care to a majority of the state’s most medically complex children. Of our 54 licensed beds, nearly half are occupied by those who are medically fragile. To meet the needs of these individuals, the Center provides round-the-clock care from Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistance/ Direct Support Professionals and Respiratory Therapists.

Individual Care. Personal Expressions

The Center’s medically complex unit, River’s Bend, offers state-of-the-art care to the region’s most medically complex population. In this unit, the nursing staff is trained to provide ventilator care and short-term intravenous therapy, in addition to respiratory and oxygen therapy.

Each bedroom in River’s Bend is spacious, giving individuals the opportunity to express personal preferences and create their own space. The rooms are equipped with wall-mounted units for oxygen, as well as air and suction for respiratory care and ventilator use.

Residents of the Jamestown Center are not confined to their rooms. Keeping in line with the Center’s overall goal of providing a holistic approach to an individual’s personal, psychological, physical and social well-being, the Center makes every effort to provide its residents opportunities for making connections and developing relationships with the Center’s Jamestown Campus and the community.

Wall mounted units are available in the shared living spaces allowing more mobility and individuals the chance to participate in daily living activities including meals and recreation – allowing an individual to live life to the fullest. An RN, LPN, or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)/ Direct Support Professional (DSP), trained in the individual’s specific care needs, accompanies him or her on all trips.

Caring Connections

Anne Carlsen Center’s combination of care and expertise makes it a unique entity not only in North Dakota, but throughout the Midwest.

Our overall medical care management includes specialized treatments, respiratory care, administering and monitoring medication, ongoing assessments and the expertise of an on-site pediatrician who spends a minimum of 15 hours per week in the building, along with an on-site Nurse Practitioner who practices 32 hours per week.

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“The care that Jaxon receives is wonderful. They have everything under one roof for Jaxon.
If he isn’t feeling well one day, therapy will go to him. Or school will go to him. It keeps him always on task.”

– Andrea Rolstad

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