Anne Carlsen Center presents


August 17, 10:00 Am – 3:00 PM

International Peace Gardens

10939 Highway 281, Dunseith ND

Zot Artz adaptive art tools for children with disabilities

Painting wheelchairs and other adaptive art tools

Zot Artz adaptive tools and assistive technology transform wheelchairs into huge paintbrushes or chalk drawers, creating large or small works of art, indoors or out.

Creating opportunities for children with disabilities

Schools, residential and day programs, centers for independent living, parks and rec programs, museums, camps, children’s hospitals and physical and occupational therapists use Zot Artz assistive technology.

Making Art Accessible for Everyone.

We all want to create something that helps us experience beauty or create beauty. The innovative Zot Artz tools are the instruments to reach individuals of all abilities, creating life-affirming experiences for everyone.

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Just seeing the smiles on their faces shows the true value Dwayne and his organization bring to event.
The Szots are doing terrific work, and Zot Artz materials have allowed us to have truly inclusive programming.
The assistive technology that Zot Artz has developed unlocks individual creativity that brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.
Dwayne and Zot Artz have been instrumental in making the DD population truly feel like nothing can hold them back.
We know our participants won’t stop talking about the event until next year!
Before Zot Artz many of our individuals were not involved in art. Zot Artz with all the various tools and adaptive equipment have helped our individuals develop skills that otherwise would have never emerged.

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Dwayne Szot, founder of Zot Artz

Dwayne Szot, founder and president of Zot Artz, is just the right combination of artist, engineer, and big brother to excel at helping children with disabilities experience the joy of making a mark and creating art.

Szot grew up in a mid-western foster home with a foster brother and sister who had Cerebral Palsy. Other children and adults with disabilities lived in the home, and Szot observed and respected the special challenges they faced. He credits that experience for giving him the courage and motivation to create the “painting wheelchair,” one of Zot Artz’ most popular art tools, to help children with disabilities create art.