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The Anne Carlsen Center Campus in Jamestown is licensed to provide residential services to 56 individuals from birth to young adulthood. The individuals who reside here have a variety of complex disabilities. Included are autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, complex medical fragility, cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, and speech/language impairments.

Individual Care. Personal Expressions

The Center’s Medically Fragile Unit, River’s Bend, offers state-of-the-art care to the region’s most medically fragile population. In this unit, the nursing staff is trained to provide ventilator care and short-term intravenous therapy, in addition to respiratory and oxygen therapy.

Each bedroom in River’s Bend is spacious, giving individuals the opportunity to express personal preferences and create their own space. The rooms are equipped with wall-mounted units for oxygen, as well as air and suction for respiratory care and ventilator use.

Residents of the Jamestown Center are not confined to their rooms. Keeping in line with the Center’s overall goal of providing a holistic approach to an individual’s personal, psychological, physical and social well-being, the Center makes every effort to provide its residents opportunities for making connections and developing relationships with the Center’s Jamestown Campus and the community.

Wall mounted units are available in the shared living spaces allowing more mobility and individuals the chance to participate in daily living activities including meals and recreation – allowing an individual to live life to the fullest. An RN, LPN, or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), trained in the individual’s specific care needs, accompanies him or her on all trips.

Caring Connections

Anne Carlsen Center’s combination of care and expertise makes it a unique entity not only in North Dakota, but throughout the Midwest.

Our overall medical care management includes specialized treatments, respiratory care, administering and monitoring medication, ongoing assessments and the expertise of an on-site pediatrician who spends a minimum of 15 hours per week in the building.

Behavior Supports

The Anne Carlsen Center recognizes the challenges often associated with caring for an individual with disabilities, and offers behavior support services that help families and caregivers successfully navigate daily routines. Our highly trained and experienced staff works with individuals, families and caregivers to address a variety of behavioral issues.

  • Observations of the client across multiple times and settings
  • Functional assessment of problem behaviors to determine why the problem occurs by identifying associated environmental factors
  • Development of positive behavior support plans
  • Training to help the client develop more functional, alternative skills
  • Collaboration with other professionals involved with the client (respite care, school staff, therapists, physicians)

Chaplaincy Care

We strongly believe spiritual care is just as vital as the first-rate education, therapy and residential care we provide at the Anne Carlsen Center’s Jamestown Campus.

Spirituality is part of who we all are; therefore, it is important to encourage individual choice in involvement and participation. The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities has made the following position statement…

“People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have the right to choose their own expressions of spirituality, to practice those beliefs and expression and to participate in the faith community of their choice or other spiritual activities. They also have a right to choose not to participate in religious or spiritual activity.”

“Spiritual or religious activities are seldom recognized as an important aspect of life or included in individual planning for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Some individuals may need assistance to participate in their chosen spiritual activities or faith community.”
“People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities bring their own unique spiritual gifts and benefits to spiritual and religious communities, just as people without disabilities do.”

Under the Spiritual Care Program, we have established weekly chapel and church services filled with music, stories and prayer. It is our way to share in God’s promises and love, in fun interactive ways. Through regular chapel and church services, pastoral visits and a “ministry of presence”, our Chaplain helps nurture the seeds of faith, home and love – as we remind others of God’s love and encourage everyone to “Grow in God.”

We respect our clients and their religious preferences. For example families can make choices for their child or let the child make their own choices about attending Spiritual Care sponsored events or choose no involvement. That said we encourage our clients to take part in these life enriching experiences.

Thanks to the Spiritual Care Program, we have achieved a vital component of our holistic care in the form of spiritual nourishment. This program touches lives and empowers us as we stand by our mission of existing to make the world a more inclusive place where independence is a gift to all.

In addition to a weekly chapel service, our Chaplain engages our students in worship as part of a chapel guild. ACC students and residents serve as greeters by handing out bulletins, as acolytes by “lighting” the battery-operated altar candles, as bell ringers, and by being leaders in prayer.

Our individuals are also encouraged to worship within the community where our Chaplain helps ease the transition for students and congregations.
When school is out, the summer Vacation Bible School program is a highlight of the year for many of our residents, offering memorable experiences participating in a traditional, fun-filled Bible School program each summer.

The Chaplaincy Care Program has provided students with opportunities to become more involved in, and connected to, a church family. We are truly blessed at ACC by our Chaplain, who encourages diversity in our students and who provides spiritual nourishment to all those we serve, in all stages of life.

Some days at ACC are filled with laughter amidst the learning. Other days see fragile medical conditions and death, which are difficult and draining for the entire Center. Our Chaplain helps our residents, their families, and staff joyfully embrace living the life God has blessed them while also dealing with loss.

TLC+, the palliative care program at the Center, seeks to ensure the highest quality of life possible for individuals with life-limiting illnesses or conditions. The program encourages each individual’s involvement in life-enriching experiences as much as possible and provides an array of support for family members and caregivers.

When needed, TLC+ may include the management of pain and other distressing symptoms, the provision of respite care, and support in times of death and bereavement.

At ACC, we believe every person deserves to experience the richness of life, lived to its fullest potential. Daily, we strive to give the one-of-a-kind individuals we serve the opportunity to dream, the chance to succeed and the ability to embrace life-changing experiences.

We accomplish this by offering more than first-rate education, therapy and residential care. Thanks to the Chaplaincy Care Program, we have achieved a vital component of our holistic care in the form of spiritual nourishment. This program touches lives and empowers us as we stand by our mission of existing to make the world a more inclusive place where independence is a gift to all.

Confirmation – The chaplain encourages our clients to participate in confirmation classes in the community churches. Over the years many of our clients have taken part in preparation classes held here in the Center and then been confirmed and made their First Holy Communion through St. James Basilica Catholic Church. Some of our clients attend confirmation classes in local churches.

Worship in the Community –
The Chaplain works along with clients, families and Home Areas to assist our clients to worship in churches of their choice in the community, and to attend spiritual care events. The chaplain works with local pastors to offer ideas and suggestions on how to best accommodate our client’s needs.

Youth Groups – Getting our clients involved in local churches in any way that works is one of our goals. Perhaps a youth group might add to a client’s spiritual development.

Worship – Our clients are encouraged to engage in Church and Chapel worship services often assisting with ringing the bell calling us to worship, sharing prayer concerns, singing and interacting.

Kidsabbath – These fun and engaging sessions are held in each home area monthly. They engage clients in faith stories of the season and give them the opportunity to take part in fun craft projects.

Vacation Bible School – Taking place during the summer, this program is an informal gathering with stories, singing and arts and crafts time all while taking place at the Center’s campus.

Communion – Our clients have the opportunity to participate in Catholic and Protestant Communion services each month here in the Center.

Pastoral Care – The challenges faced by our clients and their families can be huge. The distance for families from their loved one can be heartbreaking. Tough decisions sometimes have to made quickly and without time to really think things out. The chaplain journeys along with them providing a listening ear and prayer if requested.

Memorial Services and Palliative Care – Some days at Anne Carlsen Center are filled with laughter amidst the learning. Other days see fragile medical conditions and death, which are difficult and draining for families and for the entire Center. The Chaplain provides presence and care during these tough times and special Memorial Services. The Chaplain works as part of the TLC+ Team (Tender Loving Care Plus).

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“You knew that he felt back at home again.
All of a sudden, the summer cottage just became his home, and that’s where he wanted to be.”

– Darrell Kilzer

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