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Dr. Anne Carlsen, our namesake and former administrator, believed in the worth of every individual. Throughout her life she exemplified strength and nurturing, advocating for individuals with disabilities, and teaching them how to advocate for themselves, while creating a life of independence.

The Anne Carlsen Center offers a rich tradition of educational, residential, therapeutic, evaluation, and community-based services. Our individualized services include care for individuals — and families — of all ages with cerebral palsy; orthopedic, vision and hearing disabilities; autism, pervasive, and other behavior disorders; and other medical acuities.

We Value


This is most important for everyone to know: We must educate people to see the similarities, not the differences – and to see the person, not the disability.

– Anne Carlsen


Inspired by our namesake, Dr. Anne Carlsen, we are continuing her life’s work of helping others enjoy greater independence and quality of life. Born without forearms or lower legs, Dr. Anne refused to let her physical impairments prevent her from living life to its fullest. She served as teacher, administrator and mentor for the Center, touching many lives with her compassion, courage and determination. Her spirit of hope lives on today as we remain dedicated to “Nurturing abilities. Changing lives.” The following is a timeline of key events and milestones that have taken place in our 70 years of existence.

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This leadership begins at the “top” of the organization, with the ACC Board which develops process, and follows down to the Senior Leaders who work to establish and carry out policy, on through Department Directors who work directly with programming and staff, and into each staff member.

The leadership shown at the Anne Carlsen Center has many facets — first is the leadership to work productively with others, second is the leadership to work independently, and third is to be a leader in the community.

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