Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology can break down barriers for individuals to increase inclusion and independence throughout their lifetime. The Assistive Technology team works in collaboration with the school team, parents, and therapists. This collaboration increases access to assistive technology through assessments, consultations, professional development, and access to equipment for trials. The Assistive Technology team works to expand knowledge of innovative technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals supported.

Advances in today’s technologies are opening up a world of opportunities for individuals of all abilities. Anne Carlsen Center uses a multi-disciplinary approach in providing these services. Assistive technology is immersed in to our service lines in order to accomplish a mission of inclusion and independence for all.


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Expert Care

As part of our Anne Carlsen standard of care, we continually strive to advance our ability to meet the complex and unique needs of those we serve. The following specialty areas are vital components of our approach to Assistive Technology services.



Universal Design for Learning creates a flexible learning environment that builds on student’s strengths. In addition, assistive technology enables students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a way that may not have been available to them. Assistive technology can level the playing field for student with special needs and give them the opportunity to take initiative in their own learning.

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Ideation Services

The assistive technology team provides external services to schools, families, and other agencies across the state.  Our goal is to work together with agency personnel, parents and individuals to identify areas of needs and match assistive technology to those areas. Our service can include supports in the areas of education, communication, employment, transition to post-secondary education, and daily living.

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Adapted Toy Library

Anne Carlsen not only makes the world a more inclusive place, it makes the world a more fun place! A child’s work is play, the adapted toy library offers children an avenue to access learning through play without barriers. Children of all abilities can have access to toys with the right assistive technology in place customized to their abilities.

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School Contract

Assistive Technology can be a game changer for students when they are matched with the right tools. These tools and strategies can enhance access to the curriculum, overall learning, and give students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. Anne Carlsen offers schools access to contracted Assistive Technology professionals to work along side their school teams. Our goal to make each student as successful as possible within the school environment.

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Integrated Services

Through collaboration and our continuum of services, we utilize a team approach in order to provide individualized and person-centered services. For individuals receiving Assistive Technology services, the following departments and services are vital components of this continuum.

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Therapists encourage self-motivation, skill development, and independence through engagement and inclusion in daily activities. Therapy services offer education, inpatient and outpatient therapy services to meet the needs of the children served at Anne Carlsen and in our surrounding communities. Our team includes speech language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and an adaptive equipment specialist.

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Vocational Services

Small Group Employment Support services provide long-term ongoing support to assist participants in maintaining paid employment in an integrated setting. Services include on- or off-the-job employment-related support for small groups of participants needing intervention to assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment as a group, in accordance with their person-centered service plan.

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Anne Carlsen Vocational Services
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Anne Carlsen is a statewide leader in residential facilities for children and young adults with complex medical needs or behavioral disorders. We believe children and young adults of all abilities deserve the opportunity to live and thrive in an environment that enhances their potential.

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Assistive Technology Frequently Asked Questions

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