Early Intervention

Anne Carlsen Early Intervention is a home-based service where professionals and parents/caregivers work together as partners to help children, from birth to age three, learn and participate as independently as possible in their everyday life. We help identify learning opportunities and provide emotional support, instruction, information, and resources so parents and caregivers can help the child develop to their full potential.

Anne Carlsen Early Intervention provides services in the natural environment that focus on the family. This approach focuses on the whole child and family rather than a specific area of development because development in children does not occur in separate areas. We empower parents as their child’s first and best teachers and therapists.

Early Intervention services are for children from birth through their third birthday with developmental delays in the areas of language, cognitive, physical, social, or self-help skills. We provide free comprehensive developmental evaluations to all children who are referred to the program regardless of eligibility. Even if the child is not found eligible for Early Intervention, parents will still have the opportunity to participate in the evaluation and receive a detailed report outlining the child’s unique strengths and needs, including specific skills to work on.

Additional recommendations for strategies to use with the child or other activities and services in the community that may be beneficial are also included. If you have a concern about a child, please don’t hesitate to contact Anne Carlsen Early Intervention.


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Expert Care

As part of our Anne Carlsen standard of care, we continually strive to advance our ability to meet the complex and unique needs of those we serve. The following specialty areas are vital components of our approach to Early Intervention services.



Early Intervention is comprised of Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Social Workers, and/or Physical Therapists. One team member is the primary home visitor. However, consultations can happen at home with any of these disciplines to provide new ideas and more concentrated suggestions.

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Home Visits

Home visits are held with caregivers to help their child gain skills and improve learning. These visits incorporate what you are already doing in your daily routines to help the child in their most natural setting.

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Individualized Family Service Plan

When your child is eligible for early intervention, a team meeting will happen at your home.  As a team, we will discuss your daily routines and come up with goals to work on that will help your child gain skills. The Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) focuses on learning strategies and opportunities that take place during your daily routines to help your child learn and develop to his/her full potential. We provide home based services that focus on family, free of charge.

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We will work with your family to find out if there are developmental needs that require early intervention services for your newborn to 3-year-old. Eligibility is based on a comprehensive developmental evaluation. The full assessment is completely free and can help answer questions that parents have about their child’s development. This assessment will be completed by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, or an Early Childhood Special Educator.

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Visit with your local Human Service Center to see if you qualify for services. You can find your local human services center here.

Integrated Services

Through collaboration and our continuum of services, we utilize a team approach in order to provide individualized and person-centered services. For individuals receiving Early Intervention, the following departments and services are vital components of this continuum.

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Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy conduct assessments, establish programs, and train staff in multiple areas that include eating, communication, daily living skills, sensory integration, and walking/stretching programs.

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Anne Carlsen In-Home Supports provide respite care services for families who have a child with a disability living in their home. These services are for any age as long as they live at home with their family. We provide respite care so the family members can work, run errands, go shopping, attend appointments, etc. all with the assurance that their child is taken care of by a trained professional while they are away.

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Early Intervention Frequently Asked Questions

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Visit with your local Human Service Center to see if you qualify for services. You can find your local human services center here.