What are TechnoCamps?

TechnoCamps provide students of all abilities the opportunity to access new technologies and apply them in the real world. The focus of camp is to assist individuals further develop skills with technology adaptations. These solutions are integrated and applied in functional learning activities. Campers also experience typical camping experiences such as swimming in the lake, pontoon rides, bonfires, and recreation activities.

The setting for TechnoCamp, Elks Camp Grassick is nestled on the sunny south shore of Lake Isabel, five miles south of Dawson, North Dakota. Trained and dedicated Camp Grassick counselors, along with skilled Anne Carlsen staff, provide assistance to meet campers’ needs. Attendance at camp is limited.

  • Must be 13 – 21 years old, with a disability
  • Must be able to communicate basic wants and needs using verbal speech, a communication device, or basic sign language
  • May be ambulatory or use a wheelchair
  • May have only mild allergies
  • May have only mild behaviors

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 virus TechnoCamp has been cancelled.

June 28 - July 3


Camp Grassick
833 Grassick Ln
Dawson, ND 58428

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