Residential Services

Anne Carlsen is a statewide leader in residential facilities for children and young adults with complex medical needs or behavioral disorders. We believe children and young adults of all abilities deserve the opportunity to live and thrive in an environment that enhances their potential.

We are licensed to provide services to 54 individuals on our Jamestown campus, as well as additional adult services in the Fargo community. Anne Carlsen Residential Services are uniquely equipped to serve a variety of complex needs including autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, complex medical fragility, cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, and speech/language impairments.

Each residential offering helps support individuals in creating well-rounded lives that strive 
for greater independence.

Behaviorally Complex

Our teams, lead by experienced clinicians on the Jamestown campus, support a wide range of clients with behavioral complexities. Our in-depth programming helps your child overcome new challenges and thrive in their environment.

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Our Jamestown cottages offer residential opportunities that foster each individual's ability to be as independent as possible so they can maximize their potential.

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Medically Complex

Our comprehensive medical team is able to provide care at the level of a step-down pediatric intensive care unit. Our clients receive most of their care and follow-up right from their room.

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Taylor Made Living

Taylor Made Living is a unique apartment setting in Fargo for adults with developmental disabilities receiving residential habilitation services with Anne Carlsen. Individualized plans help promote socialization and self-sufficiency.

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