Day Habilitation

Anne Carlsen Day Habilitation services occur in community settings creating opportunities for individuals to be inclusive community members. Through community partnerships with local businesses, individuals have the opportunity to give back to the community by doing volunteer work. Through person-centered planning, we work with individuals to set goals for independence as well as recreational, leisure, wellness and therapeutic activities.  To attain these goals, we provide training in self-advocacy, safety, social and pre-vocational skills. We strive to provide the individual with quality services which enable them to maximize their individual potential and fulfill their personal dreams.


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Expert Care

As part of our Anne Carlsen standard of care, we continually strive to advance our ability to meet the complex and unique needs of those we serve. The following specialty areas are vital components of our approach to Day Habilitation services.

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Program Plans

Each individual that we provide services for has an individualized Overall Service Plan (OSP). Goals are created based on the persons desired outcomes and needs. Our team works to assist the individual to achieve small attainable goals that are steps to the overall big picture. The team meets minimally once a year to update the plan, but goal progress is reviewed monthly and the team can meet more frequently based on needed updates or by request of the individual.



All of our programs are designed with the ultimate goal being the person supported, no longer needs to have paid supports. Having an overall goal of independence may look like "I want to live in my own apartment without staff support." Or " I want to have a job where I can work independently." We break down those goals into skills that are necessary to achieve the large goal; then develop attainable steps to help each person become as independent as possible.

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Day Habilitation to Vocational Services

Part of a holistic approach we find, is offering supports that can incorporate a blend of services that is often needed. For some individuals they may have a need to work on social skills, peer relationships, community access, but also have a desire to become employed. We offer flexible scheduling to be able to support both. Someone who has a job working 10 hours a week and is supported in our Employment Program may also choose to come to our Day Habilitation program to help them work on other skill sets to be able to be more successful in the community as they grow.

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Individualized Scheduling

While our Day Habilitation programs are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., we do offer flexibility in the scheduled hours of attendance for each person based on their wants and needs.

Get Started

Visit with your local Human Service Center to see if you qualify for services. You can find your local human services center here.

Integrated Services

Through collaboration and our continuum of services, we utilize a team approach in order to provide individualized and person-centered services. For individuals receiving Day Habilitation, the following departments and services are vital components of this continuum.

Anne Carlsen Vocational Services


This program works together with our employment program to train individuals for individual employment.

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If the individual lives at home, they may also qualify for in-home services at the same time.

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Family with two young girls receiving Day Habilitation services from Anne Carlsen

Day Habilitation Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started

Visit with your local Human Service Center to see if you qualify for services. You can find your local human services center here.