Art at Anne’s

The Art at Anne’s program offers classes statewide to allow creative expression and personal development for all students. Genres offered include: visual art, sculpture/clay art, music, creative movement, drumming, theatre, writing, photography, and multi-media.

  • Provides art classes and experiences for all ages
  • Hold classes in public or private setting and at community sites
  • Classes are open to individuals with and without disabilities
  • There is a nominal fee for service per student that covers all costs, including the teaching artist fees and supplies.

Where are the classes?
Jamestown, Grand Forks, Fargo, and Mandan.

How long are the classes?
Typically, 60 minutes per class but this can vary depending on the project. The students will receive 5 hours of instruction.

How much does it cost?
$30 per 5-week session

How often are classes offered?
Sessions are offered every 6 weeks

Upcoming Events

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